The strength of our products


Unique instruments, by design, developed over 35 years Designed to last forever, no obsolescence.



Our instruments are non-intercepting

the beam is not stopped, not disturbed.
Installed worldwide on >1000 accelerators of all technologies:
sources, linacs, microtrons, RFQs, cyclotrons, synchrotrons, FFAG,

Installed on more than 110 medical accelerators for proton,
carbon ions and neutron-boron capture cancer therapy.


Our instruments don’t intercept the beam

Magnetic or electrical fields are sensed to determine

  • Beam current, DC, CW and macropulses
  • Charge of single or repetitive pulses
  • Beam position
  • Longitudinal profile
  • Transverse profile and halo
  • Beam loss.



More than 99% of the world high-energy particle accelerators use our instruments, i.e., more than 1000 accelerators in total, in Europe, Asia, North and South America, Australia.
Bergoz Instrumentation has no competitor, because we don’t do the same things as others do.


World records

  • Single pulse 5pC charge measured with 50fCrms noise:  Turbo-ICT on SwissFEL, PAL-XFEL, Soleil, soon LCLS-II
  • Single MIP electron measured on the fly with 30% quantum efficiency by BLM, in >3500 beam loss spots
  • Extracted CW heavy ion beam measured with sub-nA resolution by FCT at GANIL, RIKEN
  • Least lateral sensitivity and bunch length dependance of Integrating Current Transformer, on CERN-LHC
  • Fault current tolerance of a 10-uA resolution DCCT: Survives 100 kA 4/10us discharge, IPCT tested by CESI S-band beam position measured with 2e-5 rms noise: S-BPM at LANL, ANL
  • Halo high-resolution measurement 6-sigma off centroid, by VWM at YerPhy.


Nike Air Huarache