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Bergoz Instrumentation develops and manufactures current transformers, current transducers, current monitoring devices and electronic instrumentation for current measurement and elementary particle beams diagnostics, non-destructively. Bergoz instruments are found in applications as diverse as high energy particle accelerators, in research and medicine, on synchrotron radiation light sources, on ion implanters used for materials surface modification, on conformance test benches, to measure partial discharge, corona, isolation breakdown, and many more.

New Products

Turbo-ICT & BCM-RF

Designed and optimized for:

  • Low beam current <20mA
  • Low bunch charge <100pC


New ACCT Electronics with improved robustness

Provided with a linear power supply, mounted on DIN rail

Available in High-Resolution and Wide-Band versions


Vibrating Wire Monitor for Beam transverse profile/position & Beam Halo measurement

The instrument's output is a digital value proportional to the number of particles hitting the wire. Data communication is provided via USB. Example software is provided.

Principle of operation: The VWM is based on the wire's resonant frequency dependance on its tension, which is dependent on its temperature.



April 2013. CERN and Bergoz Instrumentation sign Collaborative R&D to design and install bunch by bunch charge transformers on LHC, with 0.1% relative acuracy.

June 2013. Paul Scherrer Institute and Bergoz Instrumentation enter into an Agreement to co-develop bunch doublets charge monitors for SwissFEL.
On-the-fly on-line calibration to 1% absolute accuracy and 10fC charge resolution are foreseen.

Conferences & Awards

IPAC'14 Dresden, June 15-20, 2014

FEL'14 Basel, August 25-29, 2014

LINAC'14 Geneva, September 1-5, 2014

IBIC'14 Menlo Park, September 14-18, 2014

Sponsor of the Faraday Cup

Sponsor of the Brightness Award

Sponsor of the Advanced Accelerator Concepts Prize